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Mover's and Customer's Responsibilities

Mover's Responsibilities
The following list describes the general responsibilities and duties that you can expect from your movers.
  • Provide trained personnel to move your items safely
  • Provide the proper truck(s), moving equipment, pads, and tools
  • Disassemble and reassemble items that are necessary for safe transportation
  • If requested, pack into cartons, all items necessary for safe transportation
  • Load, transport, and unload the items requested by the customer
  • Proper placement of furniture, cartons, etc. at destination
  • We will use the utmost care when protecting your items (moving pads) and your home (floor protection and door jamb coverings)
  • We are always accessible for any questions or concerns
  • We will use extreme caution with pressed wood furniture (e.g. computer desk). This type of material is not designed to be moved, and thus often pulls apart at the joints. As a consequence, we will move them to the best of our ability, but will not be responsible or liable for breakage of these items during the move.
Customer's Responsibilities
The following are responsibilities that you need to be aware of in order for us to perform a proper and successful move.

When preparing for your move
  • If you are packing for your move, please follow these general guidelines
    • use cartons or storage tubs with lids (no plastic bags, please)
    • tape all cartons shut on top and bottom
    • make sure cartons are full to prevent them from being crushed
    • all lamps and shades should be packed
    • in general, if an item is small enough to fit into a carton, it should be packed
  • Take down anything that is attached to walls / ceilings (shelves, fixtures, etc.)
  • Empty all contents of dressers, desks, cabinets (there are some exceptions)
  • Drain gas from lawn mowers, snow blowers, weed eaters, etc.
When the movers arrive
  • Have a clear / organized plan as to which items are to be moved
  • Have the street, driveway, and sidewalks accessible for the movers and trucks
  • Prevent children, pets, and guests from blocking the main walkways and doorways in order to allow a smooth service
  • Be accessible…we may have questions for you, so please be available to answer
  • Be prepared to have the doors propped open (we will provide supplies to do so)
  • Provide movers with directions and special instructions (e.g., using a certain apartment entry door)
  • If there is an elevator and / or security doors, be sure to notify building manager that we will occasionally need to lock the elevator and block doors open
  • At the destination, have a plan prepared for the placement of furniture and boxes

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